Years ago, many years ago (it was 1969)  a retired friend who enjoyed cooking, baking and eating  Italian food, Thomas Tererri of Morris Plains, New Jersey,  delighted  friends of his daughter (we were among the lucky recipients) with homemade anise biscotti. In due time and on request, Tom   shared  “Aunt Rose Tererri’s biscotti recipe”.

Now it is 2021. Over the years we developed our  biscotti variations, and always the test-of-the tongue was the final judge. The anise, maple- pecan, and cranberry  are our Father’s Day gift, in memory of the Dad who began all this with Aunt Rose’s  biscotti.

Our first taste of chocolate biscotti arrived as a gift (among many gifts) of Theresa Di Camillo Hargrave, who became a longtime friend and trusted advisor on all bakery related topics. Her father founded the premier Di Camillo Bakery of Niagara Falls.  Chocolate biscotti is truly “Theresa’s treat”, as one of many treats showered on us. May their memory, Theresa and Tom, be eternal.