Bread ~ Feast Day Fare

Day and Night, Work and Rest, Fast days and Feastdays - be they holydays or Holidays! - and Bread for each! The rich breads of Easter were possible in Slavic Christian countries because of previous weeks of fasting that produced a store of eggs, milk, cheeses and other ingredients stored away in the period  of frugality.

Although the origin of each festive bread is a basic recipe (for the “day-in-day-out” of ordinary time), holydays, holidays and festive occasions mandated very special breads . Here we offer breads that have been part of our feast day fare.

Alchemy at breakfast! Toast a slice (of any of our feast day breads) and you will taste “a seemingly magical process of transformation”. The texture of the bread changes in a unique (heavenly) way- unlike toasting the other ordinary-day breads.