Kerry's Pound Cake
Kerry's Pound Cake
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Kerry's Pound Cake

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Dear Kerry,

Your delicious pound cake recipe energized us to conquer challenges!   Your recipe: One cake, baked alone in one oven for one family! Our challenge: increased production demanded adjusting time and temperature to allow several pans in one oven. Pound cakes rise on egg energy; beating (lots of batter!) at top speed became a must. Finally even-baking for multiple cakes was achieved by slightly reducing the weight   from 4 ½ to 3 ¼pounds. This in turn allowed a lower price!   The tongue is the test. We are confident ours is a top-notch pound cake. Thanks for the recipe! The Sisters

 We all know that special events inspired the creation of mealtime specialties.  Think of innumerable ethnic dishes served at Christmas! In the USA we have a triad of celebrations.  Our November Thanksgiving precedes Christmas, and January’s New Year's Day follows. Kerry’s Pound Cake (his million dollar pound cake!) is our 2021-2022 offering.  Many family gatherings swell on the aforementioned occasions, so we are offering a larger cake. Thanks Mr. Kerry Reed! We trust our patrons  will enjoy our cake as have our monastic community and our guests. ~ 3.4 lbs ~


INGREDIENTS: butter, sugar, all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, pure vanilla extract, almond extract

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